Birthday Flowers and Zodiac

Sending across flowers for a loved one, friends or a relative birthday is one of the best ways to make the persons day.

Get creative with zodiac birthday flowers

Sending flowers for a loved one, friends or a relative birthday is one of the best ways to make the persons day. It is true that flowers and their beauty can really uplift a person’s mood and bring joy, as well as help the gifter express their emotions.

While sending across flowers is quite a common practice, one can get creative and choose flowers according to one's zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is represented by a flower that not only helps describe the personality of those under the sign but also shows what appeals and enhances the best qualities of the respective zodiac.


Those falling under the Aries zodiac, a fire sign, are confident and fierce by nature. They are enthusiastic and zealous by nature and tulips match them perfectly. Available in strong solid colors, tulips can make an Aries very happy.


Though Taurians are quite sure-footed and headstrong by nature, they have a warm, fun and romantic side to them too. The garden lily symbolizes majesty and is a perfect fit for the headstrong yet warm Taurian.


Curious and expansive by nature, Gemini’s, like the sign suggests have many layers to their personalities. Gifting a Gemini an abundant bouquet of chrysanthemums is sure to bring in the delight factor.


Cancer is a water sign. Cancerians are peaceful, emotional and sensitive to nature. Therefore any flower in white is sure to appeal to the Cancerian senses. However, their zodiac flowers are gladioli. Gift them a bunch of white and see their faces light up!


Leo’s are leaders by nature. The love extravagant things and firm solid gerberas, especially in vibrant colors of yellow and orange will charm a gregarious Leo.


Creative, intuitive, observant and wise, Virgos need a push to their inherent fun personalities. Bright daisies or daisy-like aster will definitely win their hearts.


Librans love beautiful things. Therefore it is no surprise that the omnipresent rose is their zodiac flower. The balanced beauty of the rose will appeal to people of this sign the most.


Scorpios are the most passionate, mysterious and powerful of all signs. They are deeply sensitive and very emotional beings. Their love for lush and magnetic things makes dark red anthuriums their zodiac flowers.


Sagittarians are very organized people. They are intellectuals and multi-dimensional people. Their corresponding zodiac flowers are carnations. Gift them a bouquet of crisp carnations and they will love it.


Capricorns are deeply rooted people. They love self-discipline and are hardworking people. Bouquets of Birds of paradise flowers symbolize beauty with a determination to overcome hardships and strength. An exquisite bouquet of birds of paradise will appeal to a Capricorn.


Aquarians are loyal, committed and innovative, often refusing to conform to the normal. Their nature thrives on all things wild and unique. Therefore, the orchid is a flower that appeals most to the Aquarian nature.


Pisceans are cool, calm, spiritual and gentle. Their patience and quite a nature make everything around them calm and serene. Just like the water lily, Pisceans love generous and quiet beauty.

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